Luke is hiding. He’s 16, on the run and his phone won’t stop ringing. He finds an injured Barn Owl which needs his help. But he has no idea what to do.

Then Michael arrives. 

Together teenager and adult form an uneasy alliance as they attempt to help the creature. But what exactly is Michael doing here? And what is Luke running away from?

Hollow is a very dark, ambitious play about outsiders and the way we think we are perceived in the world. With a magnificent owl at the core, it confounds our expectations of why a puppet should be in a play and what its function is.

We will be undertaking further R&D on this in 2018 to develop it into a full length show.



Writer / Director Andy Brunskill

Puppetry Designer / Director Jimmy Grimes

Creative Producer Tim Bell for the egg

Consultant Jamie Luck for Mentoring Plus



Luke James Backway

Michael Nick Figgis

Puppeteer Ashleigh Cheadle

Puppeteer Sam Clarke

Photos by Jack Offord