Meadowhall Reindeer

Meadowhall Shopping Centre / November-December 2017

Christmas 2017 saw us create a unique, bespoke experience for Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield featuring three larger-than-life Reindeer puppets: a mother, a father and a calf.

These magnificent beasts paraded through the shopping centre, interacting with the public and creating a unique Christmas encounter for people of all ages.




Andy Brunskill

Puppet Director/Designer

Jimmy Grimes

Assistant Puppet Makers

Alex Genn-Bash

Hugh Purves

Additional Puppet Makers

Rebecca Chan

Francesca Mama-Rudd

Lydia Smith

Santa Costume Design

Hugh Purves

Puppet Captain

Kim Scopes




Michelle Allan 

David Burchhardt

James Colley

Chloe Crump

Amy Cullingworth

Duncan Nightingale

Amber-Rose Perry

Johnny Quick

Kim Scopes

John Slater

Elena Stephenson

Jennifer Dawn Williams


Photos by Jonathan Moffat